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Our Story

Enter Michael Zera.

Joe & Kay Zera, Michael's parents, were prominent New York Dance Studio owners. Throughout their lifetime, they brought in the very best dancers & judges from around the World to teach at their studio & events. They nurtured Michael's development in dance by having him take lessons from these respected authorities, & involved him in competing. As a junior competitor, Michael won many ballroom competitions. In high school, his interest extended to other forms of dance where he excelled in both Jazz & Ballet. Michael was a finalist for Dance Masters' National Competition, Mr. Dance of America  & he was offered scholarships to Joffrey Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, Ballet West and San Francisco Ballet. Michael has earned a B.A. in Dance - Performance emphasis, and in Psychology - Movitational emphasis. He has made appearances on the nationally syndicated television program, Disco Step-by-Step, was part of the dancers for the Miss Pennsylvania Beauty Pagents, and has performed in Off-Broadway productions. He has trained many Social Dancers, and Competitors in both the American & International style. 

Along, came Gail.

Gail took the path of most girls. She wanted to be a Ballerina. Along the way, most other dance forms were added. After 9 years of working hard, she was crushed to learn the training she was getting would never get her to her dream. From then on, she decided to become the best teacher she could be. Vowing that her students would never face the disappointment she had felt, she always studied with the very best teachers to become the best. This new focus on teaching, lead her to studying the sciences of Dance. She studied Anatomy, Kinesiology, Myology, Physiology, Sports Nutrition, Physics, Teaching Methods, Pedagogy, Laban & more. She earned her B.A. in Dance - Teaching emphasis in New York & her M.A. in Dance - Ballroom emphasis from the prestigious Dance program at Brigham Young University, graduating Valedictorian of her class. Gail passed the world-recognized Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance teaching exams with "High Honors" becoming not only a member of this select group of World accredited instructors, but also allowing her to become an adjudicator for the National Dance Council of America.

Never will we forget the ones who defined us.

The Ballroom training that defines Mike & Gail came from World Champions & Finalists Glenn Weiss, Maja Serve, Nadia Eftedal, & Ann Harding. The secrets we learned from these coaches lead to a new ease of movement, and an understanding of the mechnics that changes clumsy, awkwardness to graceful, ease. Whether a beginning Social Dancer or a World Champion, the goal is to make the dancing effortless. This is the passion.

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