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Z Place to Dance

Quality Instruction in Ballroom & Social Dance

Lessons & more:

There are 3 components to Ballroom Dance Lessons. 

A balanced approach is the best way to get the most value out of your dance lessons.

Those 3 components are Group Lessons, Private Lessons, and Dance Participation.

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Group Lessons are a great way to get started. They are good for trying out the different styles of Ballroom Dance. Group lessons meet at the same time every week for 3-12 weeks of learning depending on the Course. They are Social, presenting opportunities to meet others, and to "Lead" or "Follow" different partners which will accellerate the improvement of your dancing. They are an economical way to learn dance. They are designed for fun!

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For an individual, couple, or small group, they offer flexibility in scheduling,  learning what interests you, addressing details that are pertinent to you, being able to have individual attention, and partnering with a professional dancer.

We reach our students with a balance of patient personalized attention, skillful 

professionally proven education methods,  & positive encouragement. 

Dance Practice Sessions, Dances, and Balls are where you put the skills you have been learning to use. At Dance Practices you can slow everything down and work with your partner on what you have been learning without someone watching over you. Social Dances & Balls, are venues to use your new knowledge to just have fun. Set aside the learning, go out and mingle with the goal of FUN! This is the 'end game' reason for taking ballroom dance lessons. Dancing can improve any event where there is music and room to dance.

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Many prospective Grooms & Brides are neverous about their 1st dance together as a married couple, knowing all eyes will be on them. We specialize in making you comfortable for that moment. Whether you prefer the casual, unchoreographed look of Social Dancers, or a sequence to make you feel safe, or a routine to make a showy statement. We can make that moment special for you. Some couples request lessons for their parents and/or their wedding parties. Some parents give this as a wedding gift.

What we offer:

Quality, Professional Instruction in Ballroom Dance:

Social Ballroom Dance & Competitve DanceSport.

American Smooth & Rhythm Ballroom. International Standard & Latin Ballroom. The Club Dances, such as Salsa, Hustle, Nightclub Two Step, West Coast Swing. 

Historic Dances, such as Cross Step Waltz & Shag.

Catoring to all ages, Youth through Seniors.


Serving the Willamette Valley:

Corvallis, Albany, Philomath, Tangent, Lebanon, Lewisburg, Millersburg, Adair Village, Shedd, Halsey, Alpine, Brownsville, Harrisburg, Riverside, Sweet Home, Jefferson, Monmouth, Dallas, Monroe, Junction City, Bellfountain, Cheshire, Salem, Keizer, Stayton, Silverton, Coburg, Eugene, Veneta, Eddyville, Newport, McMinnville, Waldport, Depoe Bay, Lincoln City, Woodburn, Portland


"Gail and Mike helped us make our wedding day even more special - by having a dance lesson at our wedding, ALL of our guests had a way to get involved on the dance floor and break the social ice that often comes with weddings. Gail and Mike brought an energy and enthusiasm that made the lessons inviting and approachable to everyone, and our guests repeatedly said that the dance lesson was one of the best wedding activities they have ever experienced!"



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